When the job is finished, the money will come in… or will it?

Busy working days often mean that small and medium businesses do not have the time to follow up customers to make sure all invoices are paid. This is where a business partner can come in handy to tidy things up. One that is accessible, accommodating and flexible and that remembers that a debtor is also a customer.

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As a Holte loyalty customer, you get many fantastic benefits, including:

  • Priority coverage. This means that all payments received from debtors will go towards paying off your principal first, and then to Kredeni’s interest and fees
  • A free review of debt collection procedures and relevant documents, by our lawyer
  • A free review of any old cases with subsequent registration and initiation of debt collection proceedings as and where appropriate
  • Priority registration and assistance, enabling you to gain control over your outstanding receivables fast
  • Your own designated case manager

Kredeni is a debt collection and credit assurance company with a lawyer as a general manager. The firm’s customers are small and medium enterprises. As they are a small business themselves, their success depends on having satisfied customers. If you succeed, they succeed.

Kredeni aims to help you as a customer improve your liquidity, avoid losses on receivables and retain your customers. Businesses do better by concentrating on what they do best – producing, delivering and then invoicing. Kredeni will then take care of the collection of unpaid invoices with all associated follow-up and communication.

Kredeni has invested in market-leading systems to ensure that you as a customer receive the best possible service. They have a very cost-effective operation in order to offer free set-up, no annual fee and jobs based on the “no cure, no pay” principle. In an ordinary debt collection case, their only income is their fee and the interest which the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway stipulates may be charged to the debtor.



Contact us for more information. You can reach us on phone 45 50 60 70 or send us an e-mail at post@holte.no