HSE in construction projects

3hours (The course will be held in Norwegian)
Kr 3000,- per person

Do you know when you need to draw up an OSH plan? Are you familiar with the scope and requirements of the Construction Client Regulations? What is the difference between HSE and OSH? These are questions you will get answers to on the HSE course for construction projects. The course is software-independent.

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The course is suitable for anyone in the construction/engineering/property industry who is involved in projects, whether as a construction client or in some other capacity.

The aim of the course is to give you a greater understanding of the requirements that you must comply with in the various projects regarding HSE and OSH. The course looks at preparations for various planning documents and shows how these can be implemented during the execution phase. We also go through what you can contribute in cases where you are:

  • construction client/other construction client role
  • main company with coordination responsibilities
  • subcontractor.

Our HSE specialist consultants are experienced course instructors who know about HSE. They have been providing HSE services within Holte for many years and have an extensive knowledge of both the subject matter and the industry.

Agenda from 9am – 12am

  • HSE in projects
  • OSH in projects
  • Roles
  • Preparation and implementation of plans
  • Exercise




Contact us for more information. You can reach us on phone 45 50 60 70 or send us an e-mail at post@holte.no

HSE in construction projects
Kr 3000,- per person