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DDScad ByggMester

From 2 165,- /month.

DDS-CAD ByggMester is a simple drawing app, which is tailored to meet the needs of builders and carpenters. The app is ideal for those involved in the planning, drawing, sale and building of houses, cabins and garages. With DDS-CAD ByggMester, you can save both time and expense by preparing the drawings yourself – directly in a dialogue with the buyer.

DDScad ByggMester includes:

  • animation of finished buildings, perspective, plan, facade and section drawings
  • pre-defined building objects such as walls, windows, doors, etc.
  • automatic dimensioning
  • 2D and 3D production drawings
  • bills of materials, cutting lists and quantity lists
  • quantity estimates (in accordance with the beam and roof plan from the structural model)
  • door and window screens/blinds


You can:

  • create photorealistic 3D presentations
  • get instant visual feedback on your choices
  • identify better solutions directly in a dialogue with the buyer
  • shorten the decision-making process by making any changes on an ongoing basis
  • save costs by preparing the drawings yourself
  • make your design and drawing work between three and five times more efficient


Main modules:

  • ByggMester 1 Building notifications (architect)
  • ByggMester 2 Building notifications & Working drawings (architect)
  • ByggMester 3 Building notifications & Working drawings & Beam/roof plan (architect and construction)


Add-on modules for architects:

  • Extended symbol library
  • Photorealism/render (Lightworks)
  • Door and window diagrams
  • Importing of Roofcon tak
  • Exporting to TEK-sjekk Energi


Add-on modules for construction:

  • Wall, single layer (stud-work)

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