Included software

Holte Prosjektsenter/ CRM
Easily register customers or contacts in the systems contact register and use them in the projects you manage. All employees involved with a job can be assigned to the project and see their tasks. Save your documents directly on to the project to make sure that they always are available.
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Holte Time
Many find the task of registering hours tedious and time demanding, however, this is in many cases the basis for making money. Holte TIME is a perfect tool when you need to register hours worked, mileage allowance, toll fees, etc. Easily register and manage your work hours on your smartphone, as soon as the job is done. 
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Holte Faktura
Send invoices, payment reminders and credit notes with ease with Holte FAKTURA. You can add registered work hours and expenses to the invoice before you send it to the customer.    
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Holte Dokumentasjon
With this ingenious app, you can easily document your work through every phase of the construction project and share it with everyone involved.
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Holte Sjekklister
With Holte Sjekklister, you get an app that will facilitate effective and efficient quality assurance of your work. You can fill in checklists electronically using apps and avoid the hassles associated with paperwork and bulky folders. You also gain more control over your QA work and make sure you have the documentation you need.
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Holte Tilbud
If you submit offers for refurbishment, alteration, extension or small jobs, this simple tool for submitting fast and clear quotes is perfect for you. Don’t let an untidy quote ruin those vital first impressions.
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Holte Rutiner KS
Good quality assurance procedures are vital if a company is to achieve its objectives and projects are to be carried out with a high level of quality. Web- and app-based solutions for managing procedures offer many advantages. The procedures are both easier to maintain and to comply with.
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From 519,- /month. plus establishment

Holte BASIC is the quality assurance package for those who do not have employees, but are engaged in projects that are subject to application.

More and more people are discovering the benefits of digital project management, and there is no doubt that paperless construction sites have come to stay. Holte BASIS is the project management package tailored for those who need the most important basic functions.

For complete contents of Holte BASIS see separate list of explanations on this page.

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    Holte PRO

    From 692,- /month. plus establishment

    The Holte PRO package is tailored for those who need the key basic functions, as well as the module for human resources, HSE procedures and safety inspections.


    HSE system set-up

    Contact us for price information

    Our management systems include tools and procedures to comply with the documentation requirements of the Working Environment Act. Through the HSE system set-up service, we will help you to tailor the system for which you have a licence to meet your company’s needs. This service has already been used by over 3,000 satisfied companies.


    Project set-up in accordance with the Planning and Building Act

    Contact us for price information

    Do you know what you need to document in your projects? Have you undergone an inspection or third party control? In our management systems, you will find the tools you need to comply with statutory requirements regarding quality assurance and documentation – and you will be given the help you need over the phone.