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Holte Versus

From 587,- /month. plus establishment

In the short term, inexpensive solutions can seem tempting. But what pays off in the long run? The Versus app can give you the answer to this question. Versus is primarily intended for comparing cost changes as a result of choices between different solutions, products and investment strategies.

A sound basis for decision-making

The benefits of Versus lie in the opportunities for comparing different options over time. This also applies in relation to changes in framework conditions such as changes in interest rates. Using Versus, which for a selected time period also takes into account maintenance costs, component replacement costs and ongoing operating expenses, etc. will provide a sound basis for decisions.

With Versus from Holte, you can:

  • document and exemplify the present value of different options
  • shift the focus from investment costs to life-cycle costs and operation
  • reduce maintenance and operating costs associated with owning a building
  • identify energy-efficient solutions which reduce running costs
  • prepare analyses for complete buildings or specific building components or installations
  • use standard cost categories
  • define costs at different levels of detail


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