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We are Norway’s leading supplier of software, services and courses within disciplines such as HSE, quality assurance, building permit applications, estimation and project management. Our core strengths are our long and diverse industry experience combined with our professional and technological expertise.

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Holte ByggSøk

From 1 440,- /month.

With Holte Byggsøk, construction matters have become less complicated, and from now on, building applications can become your most enjoyable task. Holte ByggSøk is fully integrated with Altinn. That means that you can sign with BankID, the form for notice to neighbours are digital and the application can be sent electronically to the municipalities.


Building Application Services

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Do you need assistance with parts or a complete  building application? Or are you looking for good advice on how to get a permit? We have the expertise and can guide you through the process, either as a consultant, subcontractor or as your responsible applicant.

Software package


From 1 849,- /month.

QA and HSE system with professional content and templates, contract module, timekeeping and Kalkulasjonsnøkkelen. Application forms, resource management and photo sharing with customers




Heat loss calculations in accordance with Section 14-2 of TEK 10.

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Environmental requirements must be satisfied, which can be an issue in the case of buildings with large glazed areas and windows. In any case, a heat loss calculation must always be performed. Holte’s building application department can assist you with this.


Account of the building application

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Through the application documentation, you can influence how the municipal authority’s case officer thinks. A good description can be decisive as regards whether or not a building application is approved.


Holte Blankett

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Holte Blankett includes application forms and forms for building applications, and is organised to give you a clear overview and structure for your building applications. Once your application is ready to submit, you can opt to print out your application or submit it to the municipal authority via e-mail.



From 240,- /month.

Byggesaksnøkkelen guides you through the Planning and Building Act and its associated regulations. It provides you with both the information and the tool you need to prepare a building application. You can also find out whether or not you actually need to apply for a building permit.

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