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We have made it easy for you! The different software packages are made to meet different sets of needs – dependent on what industry you operate in, the complexity of your projects and what taskes you need to support.

If you don’t find a package that fulfill your needs, it´s simple to build your own by picking the modules that will solve your challenges.

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From 519,- /month. plus establishment

Holte BASIC is the quality assurance package for those who do not have employees, but are engaged in projects that are subject to application.

Software package

Holte PRO

From 692,- /month. plus establishment

The Holte PRO package is tailored for those who need the key basic functions, as well as the module for human resources, HSE procedures and safety inspections.

Software package


From 923,- /month. plus establishment

Holte PREMIUM contains what you need to carry out your construction projects digitally – to the point.



Software package

SmartKalk Grunnpakke

From 916,- /month. plus establishment

With SmartKalk Grunnpakke you get a user-friendly and flexible calculation tool that gives you spot on calculations and reports.

Software package

SmartKalk PRO

From 1 550,- /month. plus establishment

With SmartKalk PRO you have what you need to calculate jobs, order construction products electronically and follow up production.

Software package


From 1 994,- /month. plus establishment

SmartKalk PREMIUM gives you all available functionality in order to increase the value of your calculations.

Software package

JobOffice Plumber BASIC

From 254,- /month. plus establishment

JobOffice for plumbers – BASIC gives the most fundamental digital tools to run your plumbing business. 


Software package

JobOffice Plumber PRO

From 681,- /month. plus establishment

JobOffice Plumber PRO was created for you who needs the most important functionality in order to digitalise your work day. This package includes PocketLink which means that you have your office with you at all times, right there on your smartphone.

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