Why choose Holte?

When choosing a software provider, there are many considerations to take into account. Making the wrong choice will cost you and your company valuable time and money – and a lot of frustration. The return on your investment should be a more efficient workday, increased control of your projects and a higher profitability.

Each year we ask our clients what is most important to them when choosing a software provider. There are two factors that stands out every year; it should be easy to use and have good access to support. These  two factors are premise rewarding when we develop our software, services and courses.

All of our software are developed in cooperation with our clients, and they all go through a period of BETA before launching. We offer services in order to help our customers to get started in our programs, in addition to videos for training and groups on Facebook. As our client you will also have access to our big support team, consisting both technical and professional experts. Holte have recruited the industry’s best professionals in HSE/QA, building permit applications and estimation. They offer a wide range of services in order to help clients overcome everyday obstacles and ease their workload. Our technical team will assist you on matters concerning computer operations, and secure a smooth experience. When choosing Holte as a collaborator, you have an access to our technical team every weekday from 8 am until 8 pm, and our professional advisors from 9 am until 3pm for free.

So if you seek a user-friendly and solid software that will increase your efficiency and control, combined with the industry’s leading advisors – Holte is a safe choice. Operation over four decades in this industry, have given us valuable experience and competence that is beneficial for you as a client.