We offer a wide range of software dependent on what industry you operate in and the character of your tasks. Each product can be used as “stand alone”, but they can also be combined in order to secure the flow of information throughout your projects. Our software are scalable and are used by sole proprietorship as well as the largest companies in our industry.

One of our main priorities are interaction with other software, and a range of our products have developed good APIs.

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Holte Risikoanalyse

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Risk analysis in projects can prevent personal injury and other undesirable incidents at the building site, with financial or environmental consequences.


Holte Inspeksjon

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Holte Inspection is a tool for conducting various types of inspections. For example, safety rounds.


Holte ByggSøk

From 734,- /month. plus establishment

With Holte Byggsøk, construction matters have become less complicated, and from now on, building applications can become your most enjoyable task. Holte ByggSøk is fully integrated with Altinn. That means that you can sign with BankID, the form for notice to neighbours are digital and the application can be sent electronically to the municipalities.


Holte Budsjett

From 780,- /month. plus establishment

With Holte Budget you set up a simple, clear and professional budget in a snap!


JobOffice Fakturering

From 257,- /month. plus establishment

Over 1,000 Norwegian HVAC firms have chosen JobOffice Fakturering, probably because it is so much more than just an invoicing app!


Holte Kjørebok

From 99,- /month. plus establishment

With our electronic logbook with built-in GPS, all journeys can be recorded automatically. Using the app, employees can easily check in to a vehicle, switch between business and personal travel, add costs and combine trips, all without using a PC.



From 916,- /month. plus establishment

SmartKalk gives you a user-friendly and flexible estimating tool which produces reliable estimates and useful reports. The tool will help you save time when putting together a quote and give you peace of mind that your estimates are accurate.


Holte Faktura

From 119,- /month. plus establishment

Send invoices, payment reminders and credit notes with ease with Holte FAKTURA. You can add registered work hours and expenses to the invoice before you send it to the customer.



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