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From 240,- /month.

Byggesaksnøkkelen guides you through the Planning and Building Act and its associated regulations. It provides you with both the information and the tool you need to prepare a building application. You can also find out whether or not you actually need to apply for a building permit.

A guide to building applications

Byggesaksnøkkelen acts as a guide through the building application process which collates requirements and explanations given in the planning and building legislation, the Building Application Regulation and associated guidelines. It also contains an overview of the information that will have to be obtained before you prepare and submit an application, examples of completed standard application forms, useful drawings and situational maps, along with examples of the documentation and attachments that will be required for different types of project. Byggesaksnøkkelen is an excellent reference work, whether you are the developer, the responsible applicant, the contractor or an inspector, but it is not intended as a supplement to any provision or project.

The online Byggesaksnøkkelen offers many benefits:

  • Always updated in relation to changes in legislation and application forms
  • Access to both the current edition of Byggesaksnøkkelen and any previous editions in one place
  • Readily accessible on a PC, mobile and tablet
  • Excellent search function Easy to navigate
  • Printing options It is easy to print out individual chapters on paper


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