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From 445,- /month.

The FDV-nøkkelen (Management, Operations and Maintenance (MOM) key) reference work contains lots of useful cost data and invaluable advice regarding how you can manage construction projects efficiently. It covers all areas within the budgeting, planning and control of cost data linked to MOM.

Cost data at three different levels of detail

  • Building category, which gives you MOM costs at an overarching level for 35 different types of building
  • Complete tasks which give you detailed costs for operation and maintenance, along with a specification of material costs and time spent on sub-performances at NS 3420 level
  • Retail prices which enable you to estimate your own costs
  • The database in the MOM key is also sufficiently generalised that it can be used in every phase of the building’s life cycle


Key areas of use

  • Based on the cost data in the MOM key, forecasts and budgets can be prepared for the expected level of costs for use of the building
  • Check your own accounting figures and set up budgets to form a picture of whether the way in which your own building complex is being run is cost-effective
  • Draw up detailed plans for resource requirements for operating and maintenance activities
  • Prepare analyses of possible material and technical solution choices


Also used in conjunction with:

  • project development and project planning
  • detailed project planning and construction
  • monitoring of management, operation and maintenance during the use phase
  • alterations

The figures in the MOM key can not only be used for budgeting MOM costs, they can also be used for benchmarking against your own figures in order to get an overview of how your own level of MOM costs compares with Holte’s figures.

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