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Help with checklist set-up – Construction

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Holte’s technical department is known for its knowledge of the quality assurance requirements in the Building Application Regulation. We will help you tailor the checklists to your business. Custom checklists enable you to carry out more efficient and precise quality assurance. Checklists will be prepared in collaboration with you based on your knowledge and expertise within your field.

Use us when you:

  • want to save time regarding quality assurance with relevant checklists
  • want to avoid long checklists
  • want to focus your quality assurance on what is most important to you
  • want to carry out work for which you do not have checklists


The service includes:

  • mapping of relevant disciplines and critical areas
  • training concerning the use of the tool for preparing templates in the software
  • information on requirements regarding checklists
  • preparation of checklist templates in the software
  • information on the correct use and benefits of checklists


The service is reserved for the following functions:

  • Contractor – project classes 1-3
  • Applicant – project classes 1-3
  • Designer – project classes 1


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