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Holte Kjørebok

From 109,- /month. plus establishment

With our electronic logbook with built-in GPS, all journeys can be recorded automatically. Using the app, employees can easily check in to a vehicle, switch between business and personal travel, add costs and combine trips, all without using a PC.

Holte Kjørebok lets you view and edit the details of individual journeys

  • purpose
  • from and to address
  • distance travelled
  • time spent
  • show on map
  • personal or business trip


Other benefits:

  • See an overview of the locations of registered vehicles at all times
  • Record mileage for all vehicles
  • Extract reports as a basis for documentation
  • The system can automatically distinguish between private and business travel
  • The system uses the government’s rates for mileage allowances by default, but this can be overridden
  • Add extra allowances like passengers, trailers, etc.
  • Easily set names for frequently visited locations
  • Record costs such as parking, road tolls, etc.


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