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Holte Kontrakt

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Contracts are a vital part of all construction projects, regardless of their size or contract form. Holte Kontrakt contains standard consumer forms and Standards Norway’s contracts between professionals The forms can easily be completed and saved under your project in HoltePortal.

Adjust the conditions

When using Standards Norway’s contracts, it is often necessary to adjust the terms and conditions of the contracts in order to meet the needs of the company or project. In Holte Kontrakt, you can create your own custom templates for special provisions containing up to 8000 characters, which can easily be incorporated into the contracts and adapted to suit the project

Using Standards Norway’s contracts with the necessary special provisions will ensure that the rights, obligations and final payments between the parties are as they should be.

Useful functions:

  • Custom templates for special provisions can easily be incorporated into the various contracts
  • Create contract templates at master project level for re-use in sub-projects
  • Contracts can be sent via e-mail for signing or review directly from the module
  • A clear overview of e-mails which you have sent in a separate outbox
  • Ready-signed contracts and any variation orders can easily be uploaded as attachments
  • Many of the contracts act as wizards. This ensures that contracts are completed correctly, and hides unnecessary options and information
  • The contracts re-use information from the project data. This means that property information will automatically be completed in the forms
  • Contact details for the parties in the contract documents, such as consumer, buyer, seller, construction client, contractor, etc., can be imported into the forms with a single key press
  • Forms and uploaded files in the project can be sorted according to number, name, reference, comment, date or status
  • Change the status of the contracts to see an overview of the construction forms that are ready for signing, the forms you are still working on and the forms you want to re-use in any sub-projects
  • Separate comment field for each contract and uploaded attachments in the project


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    Included in the following bundles

    Software package

    Holte BASIS KS

    From 799,- /month.

    Quality assurance system with professional content and templates. Contract module, timekeeping and Kalkulasjonsnøkkelen

    Software package

    Holte PRO

    From 1 175,- /month.

    QA and HSE system with professional content and templates, contract module, timekeeping and Kalkulasjonsnøkkelen

    Software package

    Holte PREMIUM

    From 1 645,- /month.

    QA and HSE system with professional content and templates, contract module, timekeeping and Kalkulasjonsnøkkelen. Application forms, resource management and photo sharing with customers



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