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Holte Online

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With our online solution, you can log in to the app from any PC or Mac and gain access to your own data via the internet. We offer an online solution for Byggsafe Total, Smart Senter and JobOffice.

Secure storage:

All you need is internet access and VMware Horizon Client installed on your computer. With Holte Online, you will always have the latest version of the software to hand. This will give you secure storage and the ability to share documents within your business.

We have substantial capacity and dependable servers, with good back-up procedures too. We provide app updates, back-up and stable operation on our state-of-the-art servers.

If you are already using Byggsafe Total, SmartKalk or JobOffice, we will help you move your data from your local computer across to the online server.

Some of the benefits of Holte Online:

  • You can access the software from multiple computers, wherever you are
  • Easily export and import projects and documents
  • Direct uploading of additional documents
  • In the event of your computer being lost (e.g. theft/damage), you will not lose any data from the apps in the online solution because this is stored on our server


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