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Holte prosjektøkonomi

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Holte Prosjektøkonomi is a follow-up tool for those who work on projects. In this module, you can easily check the profitability of your projects, and monitor daily to see whether or not your profit is what you expected it to be.

Holte Prosjektøkonomi is based on estimates from quotes, actual time sheets for your employees, and project costs incurred during the project.

The system is a simple analysis tool which summarises, analyses, and evaluates the profitability of your projects. With just a few keystrokes, you can map the cash flow within your projects and keep track of your progress.

Benefits of Holte Prosjektøkonomi:

  • A fast overview of the financial status of the project
  • Information about estimated costs and incomes, measured against actually accrued
  • Detailed information about time sheets and other costs in the project
  • Flexible system with the ability to record costs at any level of detail
  • Option to add simple quote calculations


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