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JobOffice Fakturering

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Over 1,000 Norwegian HVAC firms have chosen JobOffice Fakturering, probably because it is so much more than just an invoicing app!

Good customer care

  • Create an unlimited number of contacts and projects
  • Addresses, telephone numbers, contact persons, agreed hourly rates and discounts
  • View the address of a contact or project on a map


Updated price database

  • Updated price databases from an unlimited number of wholesalers (Brødrene Dahl, Ahlsell, Heidenreich, Onninen, etc.)
  • Create your own price database
  • Create your own time-limited campaigns
  • Create item lists (most frequently used items, manufacturers, direct suppliers, etc.)
  • Compare prices between wholesalers (lowest price, items in stock, etc.)
  • Direct link from the price database to the item’s MOM documentation online from NRF


Electronic item ordering

  • Send orders for items to your wholesalers electronically
  • The items will be ready for collection from the wholesaler or be sent to the project address
  • Note that wholesalers offer extra discounts for online orders


Complete control over invoicing

  • Create invoices manually by dragging and dropping items from the price database onto the invoice
  • Create invoices manually by dragging and dropping items from order to wholesaler onto the invoice
  • Company logo, statutory authorisation logo and master mark on invoice printout
  • Send invoices to printer or PDF, or e-mail invoices directly to the customer
  • Reminders and debt collection notices, automatic calculation of interest
  • Record payments, either manually or via an OCR file
  • View invoice history per customer or project (payments received, outstanding, reminders, etc.)


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    Included in the following bundles

    Software package

    JobOffice Plumber BASIC

    From 499,- /month.

    JobOffice for plumbers – BASIC gives the most fundamental digital tools to run your plumbing business. 


    Software package

    JobOffice Plumber PRO

    From 1 299,- /month.

    JobOffice Plumber PRO was created for you who needs the most important functionality in order to digitalise your work day. This package includes PocketLink which means that you have your office with you at all times, right there on your smartphone.

    Software package

    JobOffice Plumber PREMIUM

    From 2 739,- /month.

    With our JobOffice Plumber PREMIUM package, you get everything you need to manage your plumbing projects digitally, from a to z.

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