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JobOffice Grunnmodul – for electricians
The JobOffice Grunnmodul basic module provides the "foundations" for the other modules in the system.
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JobOffice Faktura for electricians
Ever wonder why over 1,200 Norwegian firms have chosen JobOffice Faktura? Probably because it is so much more than just an invoicing app!
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JobOffice Electrician BASIC

From 499,- /month.

JobOffice Electrician BASIC gives the most fundamental digital tools to run your business. 

The JobOffice Electrician BASIC package solution gives you the most important basic functions for running your electrical business. Also included in the package is JobOffice Invoice, which gives you full control over invoicing, payments etc. You can upload price books from your wholesalers and order goods electronically.

For complete content in JobOffice Electrician BASIC, see separate list of explanations on this page.

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    Holte Kjørebok

    From 170,- /month.

    With our electronic logbook with built-in GPS, all journeys can be recorded automatically. Using the app, employees can easily check in to a vehicle, switch between business and personal travel, add costs and combine trips, all without using a PC.

    Software package

    JobOffice Electrician PRO

    From 1 299,- /month.

    JobOffice Electrician PRO was created for those who need the most important functionality in order to digitalize your work day. This package includes PocketLink which means that you have your office with you at all times, right there on your smartphone.