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JobOffice Kalender

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The calendar module makes it easy to schedule manpower for your projects.


  • Register appointments for your co-workers, either in the calendar or directly from your project
  • Appointments can be moved from one employee to another using the drag and drop function
  • If the employee reschedules the appointment on their tablet, the calendar on JobOffice PocketLink will be updated via GSM and vice versa
  • Employees can see each other’s calendars
  • You can view the calendar of one employee at a time or a combined view for all employees


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    Included in the following bundles

    Software package

    JobOffice Plumber PREMIUM

    From 2 739,- /month.

    With our JobOffice Plumber PREMIUM package, you get everything you need to manage your plumbing projects digitally, from a to z.

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