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JobOffice Kalkulasjon

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JobOffice Kalkulasjon has been developed by professionals with extensive experience of HVAC. The module consists of more than 1600 HVAC packages with associated images. These packages contain average material requirements in the room/workpiece that the package represents, as well as the assembly time (standard time). Quote letters, orders for items to wholesalers and MOM documentation are generated automatically.

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  • The estimating module consists of 1600 HVAC packages with associated product images
  • Prepare quotes by dragging and dropping the package image onto the quote
  • Packages contain estimates for material requirements and assembly time
  • Click on items in the package contents and view relevant alternative items. Existing items can be replaced with a single click
  • Create a package for registering the bulk withdrawal of items and drag/drop items from the price database. Items can be marked with NS codes
  • Select the manufacturers you want to use in your quote, and the item contents of the packages will change
  • An order wizard will filter the order according to NS code or floor/room. It also remembers previous orders and imports from these into new orders
  • Quote letters are generated automatically in Microsoft Word
  • MOM documentation for all items used in the quote is obtained from the internet
  • The item contents of packages are updated by Holte when price updates are received from wholesalers


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