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JobOffice Leverandørfaktura

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JobOffice contains the functionality you need to download suppliers’ invoices from your wholesalers (requires access to the Forbruk module). Before you can start downloading suppliers’ invoices, we will notify your wholesaler so that they send invoices to your company electronically. Once the wholesaler has done this, we will remotely control your monitor and set up JobOffice to download suppliers’ invoices.

How do I link an invoice to the correct project?

This is handled automatically if the order is sent from JobOffice/PocketLink. The invoice will be marked for automatic linking to the correct project in JobOffice when it is received. When manually ordering or collecting items from a wholesale warehouse, ask the wholesaler to mark the order with the correct order mark so that this linking will take place automatically when the invoice is received.

You can drag and drop suppliers’ invoices onto an outgoing invoice, so that you avoid having to enter item numbers manually.

Export to your accountant

If you use accounting exports in JobOffice, you can also export downloaded suppliers’ invoices. In addition to the actual data file containing suppliers’ invoices, you can choose to attach a PDF of all supplier invoices. The PDF will have a pre-printed voucher number and the pages will be sorted in ascending order according to voucher number.

The JobOffice supplier invoices function is adapted to Brødrene Dahl, Ahlsell, Heidenreich and Onninen.

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