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JobOffice Regnskapseksport

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We can remotely control your monitor and set up JobOffice to enable you to transfer files to your accounts, e.g. once a month. The file will be sent by e-mail to your accountant, who will import it directly into their accounting system. The aim is to reduce the number of work hours that the accountant spends on voucher numbering and manually entering voucher data.

You save time and money:

You can export your outgoing invoices, registered payments and downloaded suppliers’ invoices.

The data in the file being transferred is numbered according to a numbering sequence that is agreed with your accountant. This means that, in addition to your accountant having to spend less time on manual data entry, you also avoid having to spend time numbering vouchers.

Example calculation:

The amount of time your accountant will save if you use accounting exports in JobOffice will depend on the size of your company, number of vouchers, etc. You could make the following savings by using the function:
If your accountant charges NOK 500 per hour and you reduce the amount of manual work by three hours a month, you will save NOK 1,500 per month. In this example, your accounting costs would therefore be reduced by NOK 18,000 per year.

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