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JobOffice checklists for electricians

From 295,- /month.

Take quality assurance to a whole new level with JobOffice checklists. Complete checklists electronically using your mobile or tablet, and avoid problems with paperwork and bulky folders.

Electronic quality assurance

Completing checklists electronically offers many benefits compared with quality assurance done on paper. The company gains more control over the QA work, it is efficient and the resulting documentation is both comprehensive and accurate. The solution is ideal for detecting and documenting errors which have been made, or documenting the correct performance of your own work. The system’s non-conformity database provides an excellent basis for preventing the repetition of errors. The solution is ideal for companies involved in both small and large projects.

  • Checklists with Electrical engineering (5 secure), HVAC, joinery, masonry and concrete, groundwork and the design of small houses
  • Easy to create your own company’s checklists, e.g. based on the checklists from Holte
  • Easy to customise checklists for projects
  • Easy to add checklists on your mobile or tablet.
  • Excellent solution for managing production information (drawings, etc.)
  • Checklists and non-conformities can be filled in on your mobile or tablet
  • High-quality reports with photographic documentation
  • Comprehensive overview of the non-conformities that recur most often


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