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From 445,- /month.

Kalkulasjonsnøkkelen is Norway’s most popular estimating tool – an updated price database containing prices for each discipline based on the subdivision used in NS 3450. It contains over 4,400 prices for new-build, alteration and demolition projects. All prices are structured with time spent and material usage according to market figures.

In Kalkulasjonsnøkkelen, you will find:

  • a complete estimating tool with everything from unit times and prices to area prices
  • comprehensive guidance on estimating projects
  • prices that are updated twice a year
  • 87 budget prices across 32 building types in three different standards (updated according to NS 3457)
  • 3,000 finished building elements with prices based on NS 3451
  • 4,400 unit times and prices, as well as material usage and subcontractors’ rates (updated in accordance with the new NS 3420)
  • Norway’s most content-rich tool as regards both the number of prices and content, making your quotes more reliable
  • comprehensive guidance on how to prepare estimates for projects, enabling you to learn more about construction project finance and estimation



  • can be used on a PC, MAC, mobile phone or tablet
  • can be used as a supplement to both Holte’s and other estimating systems
  • offers you finished buildings and elements as a template for construction methods and makes it easier for beginners to use finished elements, building types, etc.
  • is adapted to industry requirements

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    Included in the following bundles

    Software package

    Holte BASIS KS

    From 899,- /month.

    Quality assurance system with professional content and templates. Contract module, timekeeping and Kalkulasjonsnøkkelen

    Software package

    Holte PRO

    From 1 319,- /month.

    QA and HSE system with professional content and templates, contract module, timekeeping and Kalkulasjonsnøkkelen

    Software package

    Holte PREMIUM

    From 1 849,- /month.

    QA and HSE system with professional content and templates, contract module, timekeeping and Kalkulasjonsnøkkelen. Application forms, resource management and photo sharing with customers



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    From 240,- /month.

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    From 445,- /month.

    The FDV-nøkkelen (Management, Operations and Maintenance (MOM) key) reference work contains lots of useful cost data and invaluable advice regarding how you can manage construction projects efficiently. It covers all areas within the budgeting, planning and control of cost data linked to MOM.