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Project set-up in accordance with the Planning and Building Act

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Do you know what you need to document in your projects? Have you undergone an inspection or third party control? In our management systems, you will find the tools you need to comply with statutory requirements regarding quality assurance and documentation – and you will be given the help you need over the phone.

We will do the following:

Through a project set-up in accordance with the planning and building act, we will register your building project in the software, and link and enter documentation which must be available in the project as necessary.
Everything will be tailored to the responsibilities and roles that you have taken on in the project concerned. The service will help you to plan and carry out quality assurance in your projects, and teach you how to use the tools in the software. We will help you systematise your quality assurance, so that you can easily obtain and present documentation to supervisory authorities and control bodies.

Our experienced consultants will assist and guide you through the process, via remote control of your PC while you talk to them over the phone. It is an excellent opportunity for you to get answers to all your questions relating to quality assurance and documentation.

The service is suitable for:

  • anyone with the right to accept responsibility regarding building projects
  • anyone who wants a good overview of their projects
  • anyone who wants to know what they need to document in their projects
  • anyone who has undergone an inspection or third-party control


In the service, you will get:

  • help to create a project in your management system
  • a clear overview of your project
  • an organisation chart for your project
  • help to select and link checklists to your project
  • help to create folders to structure your project


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