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Smart Backup

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When you need to take care of important data, it is a good idea to store them away from your computer. Many people use an external hard drive, not realising that hard drives can also be susceptible to both theft and viruses. For example, did you know that viruses can also erase all data on an external hard drive if it is connected to the computer?

Safe and secure storage

With Smart Backup, all your files will be stored in what is known as a ‘cloud’, which is physically located at Microsoft’s enormous data centre. The actual saving is done with a single click. You can choose to pre-register a regular backup, or simply click the icon when you want to create your back-up.

Cross-software storage

Smart Backup makes the software from Holte even more complete, whether you have Byggsafe Total, JobOffice or SmartKalk. With this feature, you won’t have to wander around with external hard drives in your pocket, nor will you have to worry about losing data. Storing data in this way is subject to strict security.

What you get by subscribing to Smart Backup

  • All your projects and calculations in the Smart family can be backed up to a remote server
  • This ensures that you will not lose information about your projects in the event of fire or theft of your computer
  • As an added bonus, you will also be able to easily share your calculations with colleagues, and gain easy access to their calculations via the cloud


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