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Smart Oppfølging

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Smart Oppfølging gives you complete financial control over your projects. You get a clear overview of key figures, enabling you to document your costs in a simple and transparent way with professional presentations.

With Smart Oppfølging, you can:

  • create your own budget based on a standard chart of accounts, NS 3450/51/53 and 4102, using a custom chart of accounts
  • have good control over contracts for the project with accounts receivable per supplier
  • easily collate all suppliers in a single common address database with reporting options
  • enter all variation notices and get an immediate overview of the financial implications for the project
  • enter and cost-code vouchers against a number of accounts with the option to manage various tax costs
  • price and approve all variations
  • easily quality-assure your project accounts
  • extract clear reports which you can submit directly to your clients
  • import vouchers from external systems
  • get forecasts for each set of financial statements and accounts
  • see accounts in the context of each other


Other benefits:

  • online version – several users can share the apply on a common file server


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