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SmartKalk bestilling

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With the SmartKalk Bestillingsmodul order module, you can easily and efficiently create an electronic order based on the estimate you prepared in SmartKalk. Using the order module will ensure that no materials are left out of a project and that you have everything gathered in one location. This module will also enable you to maintain time- and location-specific records of individual material deliveries for a project.

With this module, you can:

  • collate all orders associated with a project in one location
  • make sure nothing is missed from a project delivery
  • easily divide your order as you wish using multiple filter options
  • specify exactly where and when you want materials delivered or brought to a project
  • take advantage of EDI for communication with finance and logistics systems


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    Included in the following bundles

    Software package

    SmartKalk PRO

    From 3 029,- /month.

    With SmartKalk PRO you have what you need to calculate jobs, order construction products electronically and follow up production.

    Software package

    SmartKalk PREMIUM

    From 4 369,- /month.

    SmartKalk PREMIUM gives you all available functionality in order to increase the value of your calculations.

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