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Inspections by the building authorities

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The building authorities are required to carry out inspections on enterprises within the construction sector. These inspections are carried out to ensure that enterprises have a management system in place with the necessary procedures, quality assurance documentation and appropriate competence.

Consequence if matters are not in order:

The consequence for enterprises which do not satisfy government agency requirements is the revocation of their statutory authorisation or right to accept responsibility regarding the construction project concerned. Such revocation would make it difficult to obtain authorisation as a responsible enterprise in any future projects. The building authorities carry out such inspections either on a random basis or in connection with a specific construction project where failings have been identified.

Inspection assistance is a consultancy service we offer to help those who would like assistance in connection with such inspections. The service assumes that you have a Holte management system.

Our specialist consultants can help you with the following:

Preparation before the inspection is carried out:

  • review and any clarification of the inspection notice/notification
  • offer of QA audit if you have not tailored the management system to meet the needs of your business.
  • assistance in obtaining relevant quality assurance documentation
  • answers to your questions

Assistance following an inspection:

  • review and any necessary clarification of the inspection report
  • offer of QA audit if you have not tailored the management system to meet the needs of your business.
  • assistance in obtaining essential quality assurance documentation
  • help to document non-conformity management
  • help to prepare a response to an inspection report


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    For those which have a management system from Holte, we offer two services linked to assistance in connection with inspections by government agencies.