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From 1 090,- /month.

uk.no is a web-based app which makes it easy for you to carry out checks on all project classes. The app includes checklists for the performance of checks, and the dispatch of notifications concerning checks and non-conformities, automatic report generation, etc.


UK.no gives you access to everything you need as an inspector to carry out inspections, including access to all relevant documents, contact lists, etc.

UK.no gives you a clear overview of your projects. You will also find a recipe from A-Z on how to carry out inspections, what must be inspected and how the inspection should be carried out. UK.no contains electronic checklists and easy dispatch of e-mails in connection with notifications of checks and the follow-up of non-conformities, as well as a report generator for final reports

UK.no ensures that all data that is entered, including documentation from completed checks, is stored for five years as required by law.

QA system

Customers of Holte using Byggsafe Total or Fagtorget can easily provide inspectors with control documents/background data when they undergo checks.


  • At UK.no, inspectors can market themselves with their respective disciplines and project classes
  • At UK.no, you can register free of charge, making you visible in the counties and municipalities in which you want to win projects


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