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We are Norway’s leading supplier of software, services and courses within disciplines such as HSE, quality assurance, building permit applications, estimation and project management. Our core strengths are our long and diverse industry experience combined with our professional and technological expertise.

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Holte Rutiner GDPR

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A digital solution for handling routines and complying with the Personal Data Act. Contains a number of examples of routines that easily can be adjusted to your company’s needs.


Building Application Services

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Do you need assistance with parts or a complete  building application? Or are you looking for good advice on how to get a permit? We have the expertise and can guide you through the process, either as a consultant, subcontractor or as your responsible applicant.


Privacy Services – GDPR

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We help you get started with mapping personal data that is processed by you, giving an overview of the requirements and setting up procedures to comply with them.

Software package

JobOffice Plumber BASIC

From 499,- /month.

JobOffice for plumbers – BASIC gives the most fundamental digital tools to run your plumbing business. 


Software package

JobOffice Plumber PRO

From 1 299,- /month.

JobOffice Plumber PRO was created for you who needs the most important functionality in order to digitalise your work day. This package includes PocketLink which means that you have your office with you at all times, right there on your smartphone.

Software package

JobOffice Plumber PREMIUM

From 2 739,- /month.

With our JobOffice Plumber PREMIUM package, you get everything you need to manage your plumbing projects digitally, from a to z.


JobOffice Fakturering

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Over 1,000 Norwegian HVAC firms have chosen JobOffice Fakturering, probably because it is so much more than just an invoicing app!


Holte Kjørebok

From 170,- /month.

With our electronic logbook with built-in GPS, all journeys can be recorded automatically. Using the app, employees can easily check in to a vehicle, switch between business and personal travel, add costs and combine trips, all without using a PC.

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