Who are we?


The construction industry’s digitalisation partner – Doing it right should be easy!

Drawing on over 40 years of experience, Holte has developed the most cost-effective and user-friendly solutions available on the market for small, medium and large enterprises. We are Norway’s leading supplier of software, services and courses within disciplines such as HSE, quality assurance, building permit applications, estimation, third party control, management, operation and maintenance (MOM) and project management. Our core strengths are our long and diverse industry experience combined with our professional and technological expertise.

We are proud to offer the most innovative software available on the market and we can tailor simple solutions that eliminate everyday obstacles to enterprises in our industry. Our users are not only determined to deliver high-quality projects to their customers from start to finish, they are also committed to fulfilling and documenting compliance with statutory requirements and rules. We can help them do this.

Holte offers a wide range of courses. We hold open, internal and distance courses on the software we provide within relevant disciplines for the construction industry. We have recruited the industry’s best professionals in HSE/QA, building permit applications and estimation. Our consultants help our users set up and maintain HSE and quality assurance systems, provide building permit application and estimation services, carry out drawing assignments and provide assistance in obtaining statutory approval.

We have over 50,000 users distributed across the country. This includes contractors in construction and technical disciplines, architects, consultants and public and private sector construction clients. Some of our products are also used with considerable success by enterprises in other industries.

We have offices in Oslo, Trondheim, Tønsberg and Gdansk (Poland), and our headquarters are located in Skøyen, Oslo. Our largest shareholder is Eilif Holte, our founder.

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Holte aims to make a positive contribution to the general development of modern society, with a special focus on sustainable solutions for the market which employees and the outside world can positively identify with.


Eilif Holte (Chair)

Eigil Karl Gjelsvik (Board Member)

Erich Alexander Selvaag Holte (Board Member)

Terje Choi Førsund (Employee Representative)

Kirsten Ruud Haugen (Employee Representative)


Aleksander Bjaaland
Chief Executive Officer

Jon-Erik Sjøblom
Chief Finance Officer

Christina Jonstang
Marketing Director

Geir-Ove Ustad
Product Director HVAC

Harald Rosingaunet
Product Director Estimation

Frode Eek
Product Director Management Systems