JobOffice for electricians

JobOffice gives you virtually everything you will need to take care of the administrative side of running your business. JobOffice is easy to set up and use. With PocketLink as well, you and your employees will have full access to everything you need via the app on your mobile or tablet, no matter where you are.

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JobOffice Electrician BASIC

From 499,- /month.

JobOffice Electrician PRO

From 1 299,- /month.

JobOffice Electrician PREMIUM

From 2 739,- /month.

JobOffice Electrician BASIC gives the most fundamental digital tools to run your business. 

JobOffice Electrician PRO was created for those who need the most important functionality in order to digitalize your work day. This package includes PocketLink which means that you have your office with you at all times, right there on your smartphone.

With our premium package, you get everything you need to manage your projects as an electrician digitally, from a to z.

JobOffice Grunnmodul – for electricians

The JobOffice Grunnmodul basic module provides the “foundations” for the other modules in the system.

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JobOffice Faktura for electricians

Ever wonder why over 1,200 Norwegian firms have chosen JobOffice Faktura? Probably because it is so much more than just an invoicing app!

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JobOffice Forbruk for electricians

The Forbruk module enables your employees to record materials and time used on your projects in JobOffice. The module also includes functions for document storage, auto-invoicing, etc.

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JobOffice PocketLink for Electricians

With the JobOffice PocketLink app for Android, you can have your customer database, project database, work calendar and price database from your wholesaler on your mobile or tablet. The app enables tradesmen to record their use of materials and time electronically, as soon as the job is finished. PocketLink is synced against JobOffice at the office.

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JobOffice Tilbud for Electricians

Are you an electrician who wants to send professional quotes to their customers? If so, then JobOffice Tilbud hits the spot for you. Don’t let an untidy quote ruin those vital first impressions.

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JobOffice Kalendar for electricians

The calendar module makes it easy to schedule manpower for your projects.

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