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Project set-up – OSH

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Today, certain projects in the construction industry are required to have an OSH plan. Does your company have the necessary documentation to hand? You must be able to present this project documentation to the stakeholders involved and to the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority. The documentation must also be a management tool for your projects. We will help you with this!


Project folder OSH is a consultancy service that we offer to help you obtain and organise essential documentation for a given type of project in project class 1.

Our specialist consultants will create your project in Byggsafe Total, Fagtorget or HoltePortal and attach the necessary documentation. The documentation will be tailored to take account of the responsibilities that you take on in this type of project.

We will assist and guide you through the process, via remote control of your PC while we talk over the phone. This is also an excellent opportunity for you to get answers to all your questions relating to HSE and documentation.

With this service, you get:

  • help to create an HSE plan that can be used in other similar projects in the future
  • help to systematise, create and save relevant project documentation in the management system
  • a review of what must be documented in accordance with your roles: BH (construction client), BHR (construction client’s representative), KU (coordinator for the contractor)
  • professional assistance to use the project management tool


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