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SmartKalk gives you a user-friendly and flexible estimating tool which produces reliable estimates and useful reports. The tool will help you save time when putting together a quote and give you peace of mind that your estimates are accurate.
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SmartKalk Produksjon
With this module, you can easily control and follow up on your entire production process.
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SmartKalk bestilling
With the SmartKalk Bestillingsmodul order module, you can easily and efficiently create an electronic order based on the estimate you prepared in SmartKalk. Using the order module will ensure that no materials are left out of a project and that you have everything gathered in one location. This module will also enable you to maintain time- and location-specific records of individual material deliveries for a project.
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SmartKalk Forespørsel
An efficient tool for distributing and obtaining prices from subcontractors This is a really useful tool for enterprises which hire in labour in connection with construction projects, and which have established links with many business partners over time. This module is integrated with the contacts database and helps to ensure that enquiries are submitted swiftly and efficiently.
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SmartKalk IFC
Enables automatic transfer from BIM (Building Information Modelling) for estimating and 3D visualisation during the estimating process.
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SmartKalk Dokumentasjon
With just a few keystrokes, you can produce clear and relevant product information that provides professional MOM documentation. SmartKalk users can also generate other documentation from the NOBB database, including HSE fact sheets, installation guidelines and brochures.
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Smart Skylagring
Smart Skylagring cloud storage lets you easily save estimates and your own price database to the cloud. This will enable you to share them with others and keep back-up copies off-site.
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From 4 369,- /month.

SmartKalk PREMIUM gives you all available functionality in order to increase the value of your calculations.

In addition to SmartKalk Grunnpakke and SmartKalk PRO, the IFC module, SmartKalk PREMIUM contains the possibility of automatic transfer from BIM to calculation. You also have access to all relevant product information that provides professional FDV documentation. Smart Cloud Storage lets you save calculations to the cloud.

For complete contents of SmartKalk PREMIUM, see separate list of explanations on this page.

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