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JobOffice Grunnmodul
The JobOffice Grunnmodul basic module provides the "foundations" for the other modules in the system.
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JobOffice Fakturering
Over 1,000 Norwegian HVAC firms have chosen JobOffice Fakturering, probably because it is so much more than just an invoicing app!
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JobOffice Forbruk
The Forbruk module enables your employees to record materials and time used on your projects in JobOffice. The module also includes functions for document storage, auto-invoicing, etc.
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JobOffice PocketLink
With the JobOffice PocketLink app for Android, you can have your customer database, project database, work calendar and price database from your wholesaler in your pocket. The app enables tradesmen to record their use of materials and time electronically collectively as soon as the job is complete. PocketLink syncs via mobile data or wireless network to JobOffice in the office.
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JobOffice Plumber PRO

From 1 299,- /month.

JobOffice Plumber PRO was created for you who needs the most important functionality in order to digitalise your work day. This package includes PocketLink which means that you have your office with you at all times, right there on your smartphone.

The JobOffice Plumber PRO package contains JobOffice Plumber BASIC. In addition, you get the Consumption module and JobOffice PocketLink, so you can register commodity and hourly consumption electronically, once and for all, once the job is done.

For complete content in JobOffice Plumber PRO, see separate list of explanations on this page.

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