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Special offer for all graduates: Half price on all Holte apps

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Dear graduate,

You have recently learned how to use software from Holte. How about getting your own licence? As a graduate, you now have the chance to purchase apps with a special student discount of no less than 50%.

We are also offering you a 20% discount on the annual licence fee.

Your time at school is coming to an end and everyday life awaits you with new demands that you will have to master on your own from now on. Whether you’re running your own business or working for someone else, Holte can help you with the software you need to get started. This software will make your working day both easier and more efficient.


Examples of software:

If you purchase software, we can also offer you attractive prices for services linked to the software.

Examples of services:

Alexander Frisk is Holte’s school contact. Please feel free to contact him by e-mail: skoler@holte.no (all written enquiries must be sent to this address).

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